Volumes and Criteria (http://volumesecriterios.pt):

Volumes e Critérios works with companies to create and implement marketing strategies, as such, has asked us for a hybrid solution adaptable to all its business areas.


Vec Mobile

Android application, which allows you to send photos directly to the BackOffice, obtaining the GPS coordinates of the commercials and validating whether it matches the contracted address of the client. Daily tracking of the commercial itself, achieving at the end of the day, a Report of the same on the portal.

Vec Portal

Web portal where the following topics are integrated:

  • Call Center (Management – Reports – Recordings)
  • Administrative (Integration with Vec Mobile, after the photos are accepted by the operator, the photos are treated automatically and placed in Dropbox, already in the format requested by the customer's partner).
  • Financial (Optimization and management of Monthly Commissions)
  • Vec Mobile (Management – Reports)

Integrations and Accommodation

All integrations between internal and external applications, with our customer partners, are also developed by us being housed in Azure.

Genius Ignition:

Genial Ignition is a company specialized in the distribution of food products and asked us for services, which would be supported at various levels.



Here we elaborate 3 levels of support:

  • First level of service, it is characterized by two models, that is, one of Solution and one of Escalation.
  • Second level of service, receives tickets sent by the attendant of the 1st level, ( which is mostly a problem for the administration of networks but, whenever possible we pass the same by the deskside team, that is, a problem that can be solved physically).
  • Third level of service, receives tickets sent by the attendant of the 2nd level and are problems, which usually have to be escalated and solved together with the manufacturers or with the designated consultants.

Systems Administration

To date, in addition to the new installations, configurations and maintenance of all the necessary software, the following has already been implemented:

  • Reporting Server
  • IIS
  • File and Print Server
  • dfs
  • Restructuring of MPLS VPN with NOS


We were asked for an internal management portal for various processes, and the following is included in it:

  • Various analyses on the business in question;
  • Integrations and adaptability with customers;
  • Optimizations of "time-consuming" processes.

Infrastructure and Maintenance

In this theme the following improvements have already been implemented:

  • Network installation and computer network wiring;
  • Installation service and configuration of local networks;
  • Structured network wiring – design, installation and configuration;
  • Wireless – installation and projection of Wifi network coverage;
  • Balancing and redundancies of Internet connections.

Peaks (http://www.peaks.pt):

Peaks is a callcenter company with an online sales portal. Our services have been hired to find a solution for recording your calls.


A portal was developed, with the purpose of listening to all calls from callcenter operators (Inbound and Outbound), being all integration made with the current supplier. The recordings are placed on our ftp and the later is uploaded to a blob in Azure. Its availability on the portal, presents itself with several research criteria.


Whiter, specialists in hygienic solutions, came to us to obtain a hybrid solution for all areas of the company, being the same in the analysis and project phase. However, your online sales store has already been developed and a plan for improvements and integrations between its entire structure with an internal management portal.

In Progress…

Exitus (http://www.exitus.pt):

Exitus presents itself as a company that provides a global solution to all its customers. As one of our partners, we provide our customers with various types of support and in diverse areas, working with private and business customers and in various segments.


  • Enerre – Systems Administration, Network Administration and Migration to Exchange Online.
  • Florentino de Matos – Network Administration and Technical Support.
  • Alcotrans – Network Administration
  • Among others…


Cabaz4You, sought us with a purpose, a simple idea to create a WebSite and at the moment we have all your computer park.


  • Helpdesk
  • Development
  • Systems Administration